SEO Questions I Have Been Asked Recently!

Recently i have asked few SEO related questions on a Facebook based discussion Group. There i have shared opinion regarding those questions. Today i am gonna write those questions and answers what i have shared. Here are the following questions..

  1. After Penguin update, what I need to do daily to make complete SEO (off page) strategy?
  2. If a buyer doesn’t specify his site’s keyword then should I do SEO after researching keywords for every page of that site? Or should I just pick some keywords from the home page to do my further SEO works?
  3. How long it can take to rank up a Travel Site?
  4. If I want to invoke visitors from particular countries, what should I search to get related sites, forums or blogs of those countries?

Answer 01: Post Penguin Link Building

Before going about “Post Penguin link-building”, you have to know why Google making this update. The initial reasons for that are:

  1. To encounter automated back hat tricks related spamming link building process
  2. And to priorities quality natural fresh links

You must know that, QUALITY MATTERS MORE THAN QUANTITY. The links for Google must be natural; however, the link building process should not be un-natural.

In the Penguin’s era, the following things should be avoided:

  • Low quality back links
  • Irrelevant site link
  • Collecting link from same domain
  • Link diversifying
  • Avoid excess internal link building to irrelevant pages
  • Rapid link building
  • Using exact match keyword while link building

Concentrate to your link building velocity, never build back links as rapid as it would seem to be un-natural rather you can build not more than 4/5 links per day. Should not use Exact Matching Keyword because Google can understand the un-natural things what you are using intent fully. Better you can use only URL or Phrasal keywords, your Brand Name or Your Name itself.

To get rid from Google Penguin Penalty you should also avoid following factors:

  • Content Marketing /Article Marketing with spun articles
  • Forum Profile Link
  • Excessive Link Exchanges
  • Low Quality Press Release & social bookmarking Submissions
  • Mass Directory Submissions (except niche based specific directories)

As Google Declared “Social Signals” earlier so the social networking is also important to rank up your site. Share your contents regularly to the social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others while doing natural link building. You know, it’s really cool to write some authentic and creative articles what users will comfortably share to others within their networks. That’s all but I personally want to say one thing, keep your link building spontaneous. Your desired success will shortly appear to you.

Answer 02: Complete SEO Plan

A complete SEO plan for a website can’t be done without Keyword research first. Basically, keyword research helps to pick up the perfect targeted keyword for your site and helps to figure a Post-SEO planning. A site without targeted keyword is like a boat without destination. You will research keyword according to your goal whether it is product selling or service providing, anyway.

Now, the thing is if the buyer doesn’t specify his/her site’s keywords you must to ask him the following things:

  • What is his/her goal
  • Ask about every particular pages
  • How much feedback he/she expects from the site and bla bla.

After following above mentioned process then you can start planning on-page and off-page SEO with your targeted keywords.

Answer 03: How long does it takes to rank up a web site

It can’t be predicted or roughly said how long does it takes to rank up a web site. Actually, there are some important factors works together to rank up a web site. Basically, it’s like competition and nobody can predict it.  You have to analysis your competitors to know details. Let’s have a look to the example:

Let’s say, you are participating a race so what should you do to win the race? You may plan:

  1. How many participants in this race?
  2.  Actually who they are?
  3. How they strong enough, how fast the running and what they do to run faster?

Finally, after observing the scenario you have to make a way out. Make an execution plan and work accordingly. And that’s how it’s possible to win a big race from thousands of participants. Hopefully, you got the point from the example what I intend to say.

Answer 04: Link building Prospecting

I am not clear of your question, though. In the first part of the question, you said you want to invoke visitor from particular countries and in the last portion, I am not clear, you wanted to know the searching style of websites for link building. I am Stuck! What should I answer? I am confused a bit. Anyway, I am trying to answer you.

For the first part of your question the answer is, initially you can target geographical keyword, for instance- Atlanta divorce lawyer and then do on-page optimization accordingly. Afterward, find country wise sites (including extension .bd for Bangladesh) and start link building using regular way. Oh, remember one thing, to get better result keep on mind country wise domain IP and hosting server.

So far I understand, answer for your last part is . .  Add domain extension after your keyword, probably you gonna get your desired result. Hope it makes sense.

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