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Hello dear readers, how’s going? Hope you are fine. Yes, I am pretty much ok today. Anyway, no more formalities now let’s come to the point.

As you know, Adsense is the first and foremost choice to the every blogger to earn some bucks. The need and demand of Adsense flourishing day by day to the publisher because of its healthy income rate from Content Related Add and Per Click Count. Recently, Google Adsense doesn’t accept any site or blog from most of the countries including Bangladesh until the site is bringing up the quality of contents. Interesting thing, our neighboring counterparts India and China can’t apply for Adsense until the accomplishment of 6 months site’s age limit.

Whereas it’s so tough to acquire Adsense account thereafter if your Adsense going to be banned as you are not aware of some facts then it will really be frustrating to you. You know, Adsense is really a sensitive web factor itself and everyone should be sensible of it otherwise you suppose to see your Adsense Ban!

Today I am going to discuss how to protect your Adsense from Ban, some Do’s and Don’ts. Hopefully it works; let’s have a close look through rest of the writing.

Some “Don’ts” for Avoiding Adsense Ban:

  • You should abstain from self Add click which is responsible for Invalid Click and Impressions that causes Adsense Ban.
  • Never encourage your friends and kin to click your site’s Add.
  • Don’t Log in to your Adsense Account from Cyber café or friend’s PC.
  • Never place your Adsense Add into pornography, hacking or cracking related site.
  • Never put your Adsense Add into Violent, Gambling or Casino and Sales of weapons related sites because these sites are considered as illegal to Google policy.
  • Avoid adding into copy righted sites.
  • Be aware of using copy-paste content as Google always want fresh and authentic content. Never put Ads on empty pages, escape using hidden texts and links.
  •  Keep away of putting ads on non-supported language site which cause Adsense ban. Adsense supports the following languages: “Chinese (simplified Japanese, Danish, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, English, Polish, Finnish, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Swedish, Italian and Turkish”. In addition, Adsense for search is available in Czech, Slovak, and Traditional Chinese. Remember; never publish ads in Bengali language sites.
  • Never affix ads with image it causes visitors confusion and that is also cause of Adsense ban.
  • Excessive keywords and Repetition of keywords are responsible for Adsense ban.
  • Pay heed to your high paying targeted keywords and make contents for them.
  • Never try to distort ads if you want, do it from your Adsense account.
  • Never impel visitor to click using crap text CLICK HERE, CLICK THIS or something like that.
  • Avoid weird design and un-usual widgets that can be responsible for Adsense Ban.
  • Take care of using H2 tag on your post.
  • You should also pursue the following points:
  • Never trading with your Adsense Impressions, CTR and CPM to others and Don’t Ad code via email.
  • Don’t use Adsense and Clicksor at the same time because it conflicts with Adsense policy. Be careful while using Adbrite and Bidvertiser look after your ad color and size.
  •  Never try to open another Adsense account as you have using one. Google doesn’t approve using multi account.

Some “Do’s” for avoiding Adsense Ban:

  • Check your Adsense account carefully on regular basis. Inform Adsense if it increases your visitors unexpectedly. Adsense will take care of it.
  • Do some search, and then you can get some software tools (AdSense Watch Toolbar) to monitor your Adsense account. You will monitor Page impressions, Clicks, Page CTR, Page eCPM and Earnings by the software tools. The tools will also inform you of your visitors IP. Go Google Adsense support to know more about Invalid Clicks Issues and Concerns.  You can make an appeal if your Adsense is banned in case of Invalid Activity.

Bunch of Special Tips (From Experience):

Keep away from commenting with your site’s link on any kind of Bengali site because it can be the cause of Adsense Ban. You can ask how it would happen. Well, generally we use our site’s link on different Bengali blogs or any other site while commenting to get more visitors and which is really illegitimate acts. Someone, may be your antagonist, would intent fully clicking into your link to impact your Adsense account.

Anyway, Dear Readers, it was my humble approach to give you some guide lines, tips and suggestions. I have tried to share my personal experiences throughout my writing. Hope, it works for you.

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